Past Projects

Keep up with my projects and see what I've done.

Tripltek 8 Pro DJI Mount

A simple bracket to attach your Tripltek 8 Pro to the controller of you DJI Drone.

Power Tool Safety Key

What do you do when the plastic safety pin for one of your power tools breaks? Reverse engineer it and 3D print a new one!

First prototypes installed.

Polaris General Window Block

Designed to fully support the Polaris Lock n' Ride Full windshield. These blocks provide a small lift (~.25") and a shelf big enough for the windshield gasket to sit on without rolling over. 3D Printed with PETG to withstand the abuse and heat of riding the trails all day.

Polaris General Cup Holder

It may be simple, but this one is built for a specific purpose.

First prototype design image.