Past Projects

Polaris General Cup Holder

It may be simple, but this one is built for a specific purpose.

First prototype design image.

What is an excellent way to keep you beverage can cold? Especially on a hot day, out in the desert, while riding the trails. Enter, the vacuum insulated stainless steel can coozy from Yeti, Rtic, Ozark Trail, Etc.

Now, these can coozies are great for keeping your drink cold, but they don't always fit your standard cup holder. These coozies are roughly 3" in diameter, and thus are the right size to either fit about 1" deep into the stock cup holders on the General, or not fit at all. This is the joys of thermo-formed plastic parts. Which is what most of the plastic molded parts on the General made of. Thermo-formed parts have the potential for high tolerance variations. That's why my Yeti Colster fits about 1" into the cup holders on my Father-in-law's General XP1000, but a customer says that his Yeti Colster doesn't fit into his cup holders at all.

I was thus requested to work on a 3D printed replacement cup holder that could fit the can coozie from any of these companies.

When completed, this cup holder will be available for purchase on the product page.

This project has been scrapped. Due to the lengthy printing time and my limited printer availability, I decided to not continue this project.