Past Projects

Power Tool Safety Key

What do you do when the plastic safety pin for one of your power tools breaks? Reverse engineer it and 3D print a new one!

This was a simple job for an old neighbor. I've worked with her before on a couple occasions. She is a professor at SLCC and has invited me to come give presentations for her class a few times. In those presentations, I've spoken about the process of reverse engineering a product (I've had to do this on a few occasions for work). She reached out to me when the safety pin for one of her dad's tools broke in transit to her workshop. With a set of calipers, pencil and a paper, I got to work pulling measurements from the broken (and glued back together) part.

She only requested the 3D model so that she could have it printed from nylon on one of the school's machines. Once the model was complete, I sent her the file and she has since reported back that the new part works great.