Tripltek 8 Pro - DJI Mount


A simple bracket that mounts onto the back of your Tripltek 8 Pro. Perfect for mounting onto your DJI controller. Slim enough to not get in the way when not mounted controller, but thick enough you can use as a finger grab when using the tablet solo.

Polaris General Window Blocks

$15 per set (2)

Designed to fully support the Polaris Lock n' Ride Full windshield. These blocks provide a small lift (~.25") and a shelf big enough for the windshield gasket to sit on without rolling over. 3D Printed with PETG to withstand the abuse and heat of riding the trails all day.

Aquarium Light Switch Mount

$10 ea

Are you tired of having to reach around the aquarium to find the light switches again? Want a way to organize the switches and keep them within reach? Look no further. Easily held in place with a couple of command strips adhered to the back. This switch mount is designed to fit switches sized 1.125" wide X 0.75" thick X 2.375" long.

Rear Camera Shim (15 or 30 deg angle)

$10 per set of 4

Are you tired of looking into the rear view camera of you General and staring at the ground and rear axle? These shims are designed to go between the camera bracket and the frame of the General. Choose between a 15 or 30 degree angle of shim. the 30 allows you to see almost straight back, while the 15 will give a nice view of what's behind you and where you are going when backing.

Use one on top and one beneath the bracket for your screw to have a flat surface to rest on. You will most likely need longer screws for the camera bracket.