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Poket Cast'r

Take your fishing gear with you wherever you go!

Inspired by the Ka-Bar Backpacker, I decided to make my own version of a simple hand-line that I could toss into my EDC bag.

I have added a small eye at the end of the handle so the user can attach their own lanyard for secure casting and a firm grip when reeling a lunker!

This product has yet to be printed and tested.

Update: 2/19/22

First print took place this weekend. The reel and clip portions printed out just fine, but the handle gave me some trouble. The handle print was schedule to take roughly 12 hours to complete. Sadly, the last 45 mins of the print, somehow the handle wobbled loose and fell over... kinda frustrating as that last section held the threads and was the part I really wanted to see how well it printed.

I've gone in and made some design changes to the whole thing. The clip was a little looser than I wanted so I redesigned it to fit tighter. Thankfully, the pla has some good flex to it with the way I printed it, so it can fit around the reel loaded with line well enough.

I also need to improve my settings for printing supports. You can see the end of the handle where the print quality looks quite terrible. This is due to excess space between the top of the support and the bottom of the print. I've done a bit of searching and feel I've got a better idea of how to print proper supports.

Round 2 coming up!

Update 2.22.22: Round 2

Success! I made some quick changes to the design and the print settings and we have a workable prototype!

The print went very smoothly. There are still some kinks to work out with the printing of supports. The supports for the spool portion of the Cast'r need some tweaking. This round, I made some changes but all it seemed to do was make the supports harder to remove. I'd love to set it up so that fewer supports are needed.

To go along with less supports, I've got some ideas for a design change that will facilitate that. Right now, the only part that uses supports is the spool. I'd like to set it up to use less supports around the outside of the spool. You can see in the images below, that there is still a pretty rough edge on the underside of the spool rim. I'd love to clean this up.

For now, I'm going to get some line and such on this prototype so it can be tested. I'll continue to work on the design. Interestingly, the clip from V1 fits the spool from v2 very nicely. It holds secure and snaps on nicely. Now to load up with line and see how the two clips compare.