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Launch Box

Ready.... Arm.... LAUNCH!!

I grew up building and launching model rockets. Many evenings and weekends were spent huddled over a model rocket, getting it ready to fly, and sending it to the clouds. My father-in-law and I are looking to launch some rockets this summer with my kids and I want to create a better launch controller than what comes with the standard Estes launch kits.

Using Onshape, I've created a rugged box with a panel inside that holds launch controls. There will be a switch to power the unit, a switch to test continuity, and the launch button.

Using TinkerCAD Circuits, I created a simple setup that I've been able to test and make sure the system sees the proper currents at each stage.

System Powered Off

You can see the power switch, continuity switch, and the Big Red Button.

System Powered On

When the system is powered on, a light will indicate power, but no power will flow to the ignitor.

System On with Continuity

When the continuity is switched on, the system sees 19.6 mA. Nowhere near enough to ignite an Estes ignitor. There is a light to confirm continuity as well.

When the BRB is pressed, the full 6.0Amps of the 9V battery flows through the ignitor.