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FPV Module

Make any RC Airplane (or other vehicle) FPV with this All In One FPV Module

I've recently acquired an FVP Camera, VTX, and antenna. My goal here is to create a self contained and powered FPV module that can easily be strapped to any RC airplane or other vehicle (boat, car, tank, etc).

There will be room inside for the battery and all necessary components. The holes on top are to aid in airflow around the battery and VTX as these can tend to heat up a bit with use. Especially the VTX when operating at high transmitting powers.

Update 3/11/22:

I got the whole system wired up and applied power. Thankfully, no magic smoke escaped anything! Now that I have it all wired up and can see just how things fit together, I need to make some drastic changes to my design. There is little to know room for any of the wiring or cables. And I seriously overestimated the flexibility and size of the antenna cable. Back to Onshape to re-design.